Cape Perpetua Collaborative

Cape Perpetua exemplifies the land-sea connection, a unique place where land and sea intersect to produce productive coastal rainforests and ocean upwelling that fuels a productive food web.

The Cape Perpetua area, on the central coastal of Oregon, includes:


Vision & Goals

Working together and coordinating conservation efforts in this region will help make efficient use to leverage available resources, and accelerate the pace at which Oregonians are made aware of, appreciate, understand and support the natural and cultural values of this region.

Our vision is to foster conservation and collaboration within local communities for scientific exchange, management, awareness, and stewardship from the land to the sea in and around Cape Perpetua Marine Reserve.

Founding Partners

In 2017, team was composed of representatives from recreation management and conservation organizations and was working to include other local NGOs and a local tribe.

Collaborative principles guiding management tasks & activities

Community Engagement

Partners understand the importance of building community and public confidence and understanding in management and monitoring efforts within Cape Perpetua special management areas.

Engaging in Partnerships

Partners understand the importance and value that exists from communicating and working together and will strive to support one another through active communication and partnership.

Leveraging Resources

Partners will seek opportunities to streamline efforts and leverage human and financial resources to advance management, monitoring, and the public engagement, safety, and enjoyment of Cape Perpetua special management areas, including all natural and cultural resource areas and sites in and around the Cape Perpetua Marine Reserve.

Collaborative Coordinator 2019 Executive Report

We feel great about the progress and success of our project. We have been able to connect with many folks regarding the Cape Perpetua Marine Reserve and get people engaged. We have had many successful events and the high energy and enthusiasm from these events only helps us to continue building relationships and grow partnerships. It is really great to see so many people and organizations working together towards a common goal and bringing more awareness to Oregon’s marine reserves.

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