This presentation is part of the Cape Perpetua Speaker Series, hosted by the Cape Perpetua Collaborative.

The Amanda Trail is a 25-year endeavor that created ripples throughout the Yachats Community. The Trail built greater awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the history of the local Original People, and led to a commitment to preserve that history including archaeological site preservation. In 1986, Joanne and Norman Kittel bought the 27+ acres adjacent to the north side of the Cape. Part of their stewardship was to embark on three projects: Build the Oregon Coast Trail through their property, learn local Indigenous history and create a conservation easement. They never imagined these three projects becoming intertwined and having the impact that their completion created. Join us as Joanne Kittel shares about the history, significance and upcoming bridge project on the Amanda Trail.

Joanne Kittel is recognized for her deep personal commitment to preservation and protection of the natural environment; promotion of education related to trails and conservation and researching and sharing the historical truths of First Nation people who lived in the central Oregon coast region. Professionally, Joanne is a psychotherapist who specialized in treating victims of trauma and perpetrators of trauma. Her work includes those affected by historical trauma. Joanne is a long-term member of View the Future (VtF), beginning with the organization’s earliest days. She has written and presented on the history of the First Nation People who lived in the Yachats Area for thousands of years and their forced March and internment during the 1850s. In addition to VtF, Joanne also participates as a: member and Trails Development Leader of Yachats Trails Committee, Volunteer and Trainer at My Sister’s Place, Member and Vice-chair of Angell Job Corps’ Community Relations Committee, Member of Secure Resources Advisory Committee of Siuslaw National Forest and is a past member of multiple local nonprofit Boards and groups.


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