This presentation is part of the Cape Perpetua Speaker Series, hosted by the Cape Perpetua Collaborative.

Tahkenitch Landing, located seven miles north of Reedsport on the Siuslaw National Forest, has produced archaeological finds dating as far back as 8,000 years into the past. Because of the site’s age and location, it’s provided researchers with a unique glimpse into the lives of coast’s inhabitants and their relationship to a changing environment over the last 8,000 years.

Molly Kirkpatrick, Archaeologist with the Siuslaw National Forest, will discuss previous archaeological research and the results of recent geoarchaeological investigations at the Tahkenitch Landing Site. This will include a general overview of landscape evolution along the Central Oregon Coast since the last ice-age and its influence on the preservation and distribution of archaeological sites along the coastal front.

Molly Kirkpatrick is an archaeologist with the Siuslaw National Forest and currently resides along the Oregon Coast. She grew up in Willamette Valley, where she obtained her undergrad from the University of Oregon and later her Masters from Oregon State University. Her research interests include prehistory of the Pacific Northwest, with a focus on geoarchaeology and Peopling of the Americas. This lecture focuses on her graduate research during her time at Oregon State University, completed in the winter of 2019.


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