This presentation is part of the Cape Perpetua Speaker Series, hosted by the Cape Perpetua Collaborative.
Photo credit: A group of transient killer whales far offshore of the Oregon coast. Photograph by NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center

Transient killer whales are important apex predators in marine ecosystems along the Pacific coast. Insights into the latest findings regarding ecology, abundance, distribution, and community structure of these whales along the outer coast and offshore waters of Oregon and California will be presented.

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Josh McInnes is a marine ecologist and marine mammal researcher from Victoria BC, Canada. He is a Masters student and researcher at the University of British Columbia’s Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries Marine Mammal Research Unit. Josh’s research focuses on the ecology and behaviour of marine mammals in British Columbia and Monterey Bay, California, with studies focusing on the foraging behaviour, diet, and ecology of transient (Bigg’s) killer whales and Risso’s Dolphins.


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