This presentation is part of the Cape Perpetua Speaker Series, hosted by the Cape Perpetua Collaborative.

Join us as we get familiar with Oregon’s five marine reserve sites, look underwater at the Cape Perpetua Marine Reserve, and see what we’ve learned from studying the human dimensions of the marine reserve sites and the Oregon coast.

Cristen leads the Marine Reserves Program at the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. She and her team are responsible for the management and scientific monitoring of Oregon’s five marine reserve sites. Over the past 18 years, she’s worked on a variety of ocean policy and management topics including alternative ocean energy, nearshore fisheries, and marine reserves and protected areas. Cristen has worked on the planning and implementation of Oregon’s marine reserves since 2007. She has a Bachelor’s degree in marine biology from UC Santa Cruz and a Master’s degree in marine and environmental affairs from the University of Washington. You might find her surfing along the Oregon coast or curled up with a good fiction novel.


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