Marbled Murrelet

First listed under the Endangered Species Act in 1992, Marbled Murrelets are threatened by logging, which has resulted in the destruction and fragmentation of the species’ nesting habitat. This community science project typically includes an overnight trip to spectacular Cape Perpetua, where participants get a rare opportunity to see the endangered and elusive Marbled Murrelet in both its old-growth forest nesting grounds or in coastal waters where it forages.

The project starts with an evening presentation with Oregon State University Marbled Murrelet expert Kim Nelson and Portland Audubon Ten Mile Creek Sanctuary manager, Paul Engelmeyer. The following day, participants get up early to help survey for Marbled Murrelets at a number of locations in the Cape Perpetua area. Check out our events calendar for information on upcoming surveys (typically take place in July).

This project helps keep track of murrelet use of Oregon’s central coast habitats while also building our supporter list as we continue our decades-long fight for this species survival.

Interested in participating in the Marbled Murrelet Survey at Cape Perpetua? Please contact Paul Engelmeyer or Joe Liebezeit.



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