Oregon Black Oystercatcher

The striking Black Oystercatcher is a unique shorebird that spends its entire life on marine shorelines. As a top predatory species in the intertidal zone they are an indicator of ecosystem health. Because of their small global population size (<11,000), low reproductive rate and dependence on rocky shorelines, they are listed as a “species of high concern” in several conservation plans including the Oregon Nearshore Strategy.

Portland Audubon is monitoring Black Oystercatchers to provide new information on this species biology including an Oregon-wide population estimate, nesting success, and human disturbance factors.

These efforts are informing better protection for this species and is also an important part of our work to secure better protections for Oregon’s iconic rocky shoreline habitat and Oregon’s marine reserves and protected areas. A critical part of this project is engagement and outreach to local communities up and down the coast.

If you have any questions or would like to participate in this project, please contact Joe Liebezeit, Portland Audubon Staff Scientist or Allison Anholt.


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