Young Scientist
Webinar Series

The Young Scientists Webinar Series aims to support and engage young scientists conducting ocean research with a variety of exciting specialties. With our network of strategic partners, we’ve organized a series of webinars to support and empower graduate and postdoc students in their research around the ocean.

The webinars are scheduled for the second Tuesday every month, October – April. Click here for upcoming events.

Replays from past presentations:
Mortality Gauntlet: The Early Life Stages of Cabezon

Mortality Gauntlet: The Early Life Stages of Cabezon

This presentation is part of the Young Scientist Webinar Series, hosted by the Cape Perpetua Collaborative featuring graduate students and postdocs sharing their ocean research. DESCRIPTIONIn marine fishes, upwards of 99% of fish eggs produced do not survive to...

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