Tidepool Ambassador Program

Photo Credit: Jamie Kish

The Tidepool Ambassador Program aims to protect habitat, educate tidepool visitors and focus on quality of contact with visitors.

Between Florence and Yachats lies the Cape Perpetua area, a biodiverse recreation mecca home to lush coastal rainforests and deep cultural history. But past the coastline also lies the largest Oregon marine reserve. The Cape Perpetua Marine Reserve site is a 33-square mile area dedicated to conservation and scientific research. Just like parks and protected natural areas on land, there are multiple benefits of protected areas in the ocean. They conserve ocean wildlife and biodiversity. Marine Reserves sites also serve as living laboratories, where we can learn about marine reserve protections and Oregon’s ocean environment to help us maintain our seas for future generations.

The Cape Perpetua Collaborative, in partnership with Oregon Coast Visitors Association, Oregon State Parks, Oregon Surfrider Foundation and Cape Falcon Marine Reserve launched a pilot program for Tidepool Ambassadors during the summer of 2021. This program focused on engaging with visitors in the tidepools at Yachats State Park, Bob Creek and Cape Perpetua Marine Gardens during negative tides June – August. Some top finds of the season include, but not limited to: blue porcelain crabs, 6 arm ochre stars, baby giant pacific octopus, frosted tip nudibranch, sea lemons and more!

live sand dollar (credit: Jamie Kish)

6 arm ochre star (credit: Liz Lemhouse)

crab (credit: Jamie Kish)

blue precelain crab (credit: Liz Lemhouse)

gooseneck barnacle (credit: Jamie Kish)

baby giant pacific octopus (credit: Liz Lemhouse)

ochre star eating mussel (credit: Jamie Kish)

sea lemon

snail pile (credit: Jamie Kish)

frosted tip nudibranch

giant green sea anenome eating ochre star (credit: Jamie Kish)

sea squirts

Tour Guide Jamie Kish & Volunteer Lori Pascarella

field tour

Liz Lemhouse – Field Tour Guide

field tour

purple sea urchins (credit: Liz Lemhouse)

sea star eating mussel

ochre stars

ochre stars & kelp

Trained guides provided tidepool tours for small groups and volunteers roamed tidepools to engage with visitors about the local in habitants of the tidepools, Oregon’s marine conservation efforts and to promote marine stewardship. We hosted 2 tours/day over 25 negative tide dates. Guides and volunteers engaged with over 800 people throughout the season, with 140 people signing up for an intimate tour, which included a span of generations. Tour guests were very enthusiastic and appreciative of the program. It was really exciting to have a mix of generations and each tour brought something different in their experiences.


  1. Always keep an eye on the ocean.
  2. Stay on marked trails.
  3. Travel slowly & carefully.
  4. Never pull or pry animals from rock.
  5. Know the rules before you go.

Our small team is growing!

We were grateful to welcome a couple new folks to the Cape Perpetua Collaborative team to help put the Tidepool Ambassador Program in action! Introducing...


Tidepool Ambassador Program Coordinator & Guide
Jamie Kish is an artist and biologist living as a proud local Yachatian of 6 years. You may also know her online and around town as “Girl in Water Photography.” She has an extensive background in the marine biology and animal husbandry fields, but these days her focus is more zeroed in on education and the arts on a local level. She strives to be a continual advocate for responsible eco-tourism and education when it comes to this sacred and beautiful part of the planet, to keep these areas flourishing for future generations.


Tidepool Ambassador Program Guide
Liz Lemhouse grew up on the Oregon coast and lives in Florence, Oregon and has vast experience in environmental education, guided tours, program development and marine life. She appreciates both teaching and interacting with the people and nature.


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