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I got to see things I’ve never seen before…

…but not only that, our guide was incredibly knowledgeable. I absolutely loved it. I learned SO much. I hope to do this again every year!

Stevie Yankee

We had so much fun attending the Tide Pool tour with Liz that we had to book another one with Jamie!

Both guides were so knowledgeable and answered all our questions. I particularly appreciate the indigenous history that Jamie included in their tour! And of course the tide pools were incredible! There’s a whole different world in the ocean and it was very cool to walk among such fierce creatures. I will forever cherish the memories made on The Tide-pool Ambassador tours 💚 Thank you for this awesome program!


Such a fantastic experience.

Jaime made this experience truly worth the 2.5 hr early morning drive we took from Portland. Such a fantastic experience and her knowledge of the animals, tide pools and local history is unparalleled. I’ve loved the ocean for a long time, but still learned so much. I also came away with a new respect for the coast and the history of the native Americans who once used the pools for livelihood. I would recommend this tour to anyone interested in getting your feet wet and becoming a mermaid for a day.


I took not one but two tidepool tours this summer…

…and both of which were nothing short of magical! Exploring beautiful pools with informative guides who had answers to all of my questions. I will never see tide pools the same way again! I’m so grateful for this program, and hope that it continues well into the future.


I absolutely loved this tour.

Being able to explore the beach with someone who could answer questions and help us search for animals was an amazing experience. I would highly recommend anyone check the tour out!



It was fun! It was informative! As a life long tidepooler, it was one of the best experiences of my tidepool life! I learned so much!!! Jamie’s kind and knowledgeable! I will do it again! It was worth the drive from Medford!

Wendy Welborn

It was amazing!!

Jamie was so incredibly kind, full of excitement and knowledge. We can not wait to come back again and book another tour with her.

Megan Carlisle

LOVED IT. I took my 10-year old son.

Our tour leader Jamie and the rest of the group were wonderful. We received so much guidance, helpful answers, and enthusiasm about our finds. The best part (because this was why I wanted to take the tour in the first place) is that now I understand how to explore the tide pools safely, without damaging the eco-system. We spotted so many hermit crabs, porcelain crabs, anemones, barnacles, a dungeness crab, sea stars (kiddo even rescued one from the sand and discovered it was in the middle of a meal—a tiny crab was digesting in its mouth!) My son and I know how to touch anemones safely, interact with crabs, how to navigate the rocks without damaging the creatures living on them…I feel so empowered to explore on my own, and my son soaked it all up too!

Even so, I plan on taking the tour again—Jamie was so knowledgeable and enthusiastic that we experience a depth the the area that we never could on our own! So grateful for this program, making our incredible tidepools more (safely!) accessible. Thank you!

Mica Habarad

You will not be disappointed.

At our last very low minus tide on Saturday, Jaime Kish showed us through the intertidal life at Bob Creek. If you are in the area on one of her educational tours, you will be delighted by not only her enthusiasm and knowledge, but her great sense of humor at the limits of her and everyone’s understanding of this ever changing field. Who knew that limpets have a symbiotic protective worm? Spend the morning with her class. You will not be disappointed. Five star!


I am so grateful for this program…

…and the education and experiences it provides! Liz provided us with so much knowledge and introduced us to so many cool sea creatures! Thank you!


It was amazing.

My wife and I are new to Oregon Coast. We both majored in biology long ago. We brought my 15 year old nephew. Jamie was an excellent guide, teaching us a bunch of new info about tide pool creatures. Her enthusiasm is infectious. Jamie also had a new guide shadowing her and she was also helpful. With all the tourists visiting tide pools I think it’s important to have knowledgeable people spreading respect and information about this unique resource.

Jason Thomas

Very fun and relaxing.

Informative but casual enough that it didn’t feel like a class.

Gina Zanarini


Best experience of my entire 2 week trip to Oregon, Jamie was so knowledgeable and fun. I learned so much! Will absolutely do again next time I’m in Yachats.

Anna Conklin

The tidepool tour was fantastic!

We learned so much and saw new things. We had so much fun seeing so many beautiful creatures up close and personal. We enjoyed meeting the other people taking the tour. I felt like a kid at a tidepool, it was so joyful! Jamie was an amazing, knowledgeable tour guide. We would love to attend a future tidepool tour next summer. What a great opportunity this is!

Melissa G

It was fabulous!

Very informative and so much fun!!

Sarah Carrick

Jamie is an incredible guide.

So upbeat, knowledgeable,  and enthusiastic. I learned so much about the marine life and had a great time, thanks to Jamie. I hope this program continues. Thank you for sponsoring it.


My tide pool tour was amazing.

Jamie was such a great guide. A family had a little boy who was so enthusiastic about the tide pools. He was so excited and Jamie was so sweet with his questions and to encourage him. I love that you have people like Jamie to teach the next generation how important the marine life is. She is a real gem and I just wanted to give her some recognition for a job well done.


Highly recommend!!!

Many of us have seen a tide pool and we’re all familiar with star fish (sea stars!) but looking at tide pools with an expert and enthusiast is so eye-opening! I learned so much and saw a million little things that I would have otherwise missed.

Jamie was our guide for the morning and she pointed out tons of incredible sea creatures and taught us so much about each one. We also learned a bit about the area and its history, I’d definitely love to learn more about that!


My 9 year old daughter and I had so much fun on our tidepool tour.

Jamie was so friendly and exuberant but also so full of information and education for us. Their enthusiasm was contagious. By the time we were done, my kiddo knew so many new sea creatures by name. We have gone tidepooling in the area before, but have been hesitant to check certain areas before for fear of hurting something. Being able to go with a trained tour guide really helped our knowledge and confidence on where to step and how to leave the smallest footprint possible. Jamie is a gift to the Oregon coast. We definitely will be signing up again and telling our friends.

Marta Soppe-Navetta


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