LOVED IT. I took my 10-year old son.

Our tour leader Jamie and the rest of the group were wonderful. We received so much guidance, helpful answers, and enthusiasm about our finds. The best part (because this was why I wanted to take the tour in the first place) is that now I understand how to explore the tide pools safely, without damaging the eco-system. We spotted so many hermit crabs, porcelain crabs, anemones, barnacles, a dungeness crab, sea stars (kiddo even rescued one from the sand and discovered it was in the middle of a meal—a tiny crab was digesting in its mouth!) My son and I know how to touch anemones safely, interact with crabs, how to navigate the rocks without damaging the creatures living on them…I feel so empowered to explore on my own, and my son soaked it all up too!

Even so, I plan on taking the tour again—Jamie was so knowledgeable and enthusiastic that we experience a depth the the area that we never could on our own! So grateful for this program, making our incredible tidepools more (safely!) accessible. Thank you!


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