We thank Tara DuBois for her years of service with the Cape Perpetua Collaborative! 

How it Started
Nearly 5 years ago, Tara began her work for the Collaborative with a 4-month contract. Tara’s first day on the job was a meeting with all the Collaborative partners. Bringing together people and visions of the future is never a small task. Tara recalls being a sponge during that first meeting, taking in everything she could in order to build a work plan and set goals. In Tara’s own words, “after that first contract, we just kept on truckin’.” 

Creating Opportunities for Connections 
Tara founded all of our volunteer programs and opportunities to get involved with Cape Perpetua. If you are a volunteer with Cape Perpetua, chances are it is because you connected with Tara. Connecting with all our wonderful volunteers and launching our citizen science programs are among Tara’s top achievements she is most proud of during her time with The Collaborative.    

One of Tara’s Favorite Memories  
Program after program Tara kept hearing volunteers talk about pickle ball. During beach cleanups Tara would hear “pickle balls this,” “pickle ball that,” “last night at pickle ball” and so on. It wasn’t too long after that Tara started playing pickle ball weekly. Just as we hope the Collaborative has opened up experiences for volunteers, Tara recalls, “I, too, have learned so much from the volunteers (about nature and pickle ball)! I truly value our volunteers and their commitment to the community.” Tara has always felt inspired by all the efforts and services brought by our volunteers. 

What’s next for Tara?  
Tara will be focusing more on her website design business (our website is beautiful thanks to Tara!). But you wont have to look too far to find Tara on the pickleball court or on one of her favorite beaches or trails in Cape Perpetua. You might find her at a tidepool or at a scenic overlook by Heceta Head Lighthouse. 

Thank you for everything, Tara! We wouldn’t be here with you!



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