The earth is about 70% covered with oceans with daily tidal variances at the shoreline. Ever wonder what causes the high and low tides? Watch this short video and learn more about tidal variations and seasonal changes.


David Muerdter grew up in San Diego near the beach and has never lived more than 50 miles away from salt water. Curiosity about the ocean and rocks led him to get a BS in Geology from Oregon State University and a PhD in Geological Oceanography from University of Rhode Island. During his studies he sailed on many oceanographic cruises to collect deep sea sediments. He served in the Peace Corps in Malaysia where he was a high school physics teacher and a geologist for the Geological Survey of Malaysia. He finally settled into a career as a geophysicist specializing in how sound moves through rocks, and he taught classes in this specialty around the world. Since retiring, he enjoys volunteering at the Seattle Aquarium and at the Cape Perpetua Visitors Center while visiting the central Oregon Coast in the summer. David always delights in exploring the world with his wife, Nancy, and captures as much of it as he can with his camera.


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