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Visitors have many opportunities for wildlife viewing and other outdoor recreational activities in and around this area. Hike, explore tidepools, or find views overlooking the reserve at the Cape Perpetua Scenic Area.

Cape Perpetua Area Activities Guide

Adjacent to the reserve is protected old growth coastal rainforest. This area also boasts Oregon’s highest concentration of
marbled murrelets, a threatened seabird that nests in old growth trees on land. Other attractions include Sea Lion Caves, where you can view Steller sea lions, and the Hec eta Head Lighthouse.

Download the Cape Perpetua Area Activities Guide to assist in your planning.

Tidepool Etiquette

Do you have proper tidepool etiquette?

Start here to find out!

Many tidepools are included in Oregon’s Marine Reserves and are special places for people and animals alike! Marine Reserves are areas that have been set aside to protect animals and their homes.

NEVER TURN YOUR BACK TO THE OCEAN. Sneaker waves are a real thing.

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Parking / Permits

Oregon State Parks Pass
(offers one-day, 12-month and 24-month passes)

Oregon Coast Pacific Passport
(offers 5-day and 12-month passes)


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