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Cape Perpetua Area Activities Guide

Hike, dive, surf, explore. Adjacent to the reserve is a protected coastal rainforest where visitors have many opportunities for viewing wildlife such as marbled murrelets— a threatened seabird that nests in old-growth trees. Other fun activities in and around the area include the Sea Lion Caves, where you can view steller sea lions, and the Heceta Head Lighthouse.

Download the Cape Perpetua Area Activities Guide to assist in your planning.

Tidepool Etiquette

Do you have proper tidepool etiquette?

Many tidepools in the marine reserve are special for people and animals alike but we need to take care and respect these animals’ homes. Be gentle with them, return everything where you found it, and make sure not to step on barnacles and muscles. 

While exploring tidepools is fun, make sure to keep yourself and your family safe. NEVER TURN YOUR BACK ON THE OCEAN. Even if it looks fine, sneaker waves are real and can come out of nowhere, pulling you out into the ocean. Keep away from the edge of a tidepool to also avoid these dangerous waves. Before you head out, know the tide schedule of where you are heading or you could get trapped tidepooling.

You can also learn more at oregontidepools.org.

Be a Community Scientist

Citizen Scientists are an important part of the Cape Perpetua Collaborative. They are volunteers who help gather data monitoring wildlife and the ecosystem. This a great way to meet other people, explore nature, gain experience, and/or get community service hours for school. Some citizen science programs include:

  • Blue Water Task Force
    A 100% volunteer-run project that collects and tests water quality at local recreational beaches (year-round).
  • King Tides Photo Initiative
    Contribute to an education initiative to demonstrate the impact of rising water levels by taking photos during different tides (year-round).
  • Black Oystercatcher Monitoring
    Monitor these birds with character on Oregon’s north, central, and south coast to provide baseline data about their biology (May to August).
  • Beached Birds Survey
    Walk the coastline finding beached birds and recording their species, cause of death, and other factors to add important data to a 20-year-old citizen scientist project (year-round).

Parking / Permits

Oregon State Parks Pass
(offers one-day, 12-month and 24-month passes)

Oregon Coast Pacific Passport
(offers 5-day and 12-month passes)

Oregon State Marine Board
(Boater Info)


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